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I was about to make another labored attempt to flail through my reactions to RaceFail (or rather, MammothFail this time), but in the meantime finally remembered to find some of Hetalia: Axis Powers, which I'd been meaning to do.

...I have no idea how to express my reaction, other than relief that in one of the fan communities, a prospective student teacher was talked out of trying to use the material as part of a history curriculum (iirc at a high-school level). I can envision it being meta-studied at a college level as an example of satire or propaganda, but as history? Vast multiverses of no.

Though Italy's persistent characterization as a pasta-eating surrender monkey is weirdly entertaining.

[Added reflink here should people wish to read it, but please, please don't go harass the community or the original poster, since their discussion has now ended amicably. Also, more notes about Hetalia as a separate post.]
Tags: east/west, misc fandom
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